DharMeta White Marble


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• Natural Indian Marble
• Smooth, Polished and honed surface
• Crack free and polished surface
• Resistive to heat and water
• Unique design pattern
• Preferred for exterior Flooring and wall cladding
• Easy installation & maintenance

• Indian Marble
• Slab Thickness 15 to 18 mm, Thickness can be customized
• Slab Size: 5′ x 3′ and above


Dharmeta White Marble is a type of white marble in India. It is the best choice for with interior. This Marble can be used in bedrooms, dining halls, kitchens, lobbies, parking lots, storerooms, temple rooms and many more. Dharmata White Marble comes in beautiful design. It has a white background and a gray color spot on it. This marble flooring adds tremendous beauty to the sites.

We are offering a wide variety of Dharmeta White Marble We are always committed to helping you and giving you the best services to meet your needs as per your requirement. Feel free to pick up an inquiry call to get best Dharmata White Marble price with us.

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