Why Granite is Perfect for Bathrooms

    Why Granite is Perfect for Bathrooms

    Can I decide the type of hard and compact igneous rock which is found on the earth.  Accordingly, it consists of quartz feldspar and mica.  It has got several properties.  It is tough and durable in nature.  It is an ideal material for making facades.  Nevertheless this stone it’s quite resistant to heat and cold.  This stone is quite suitable for making exterior walls.  This is due to the strength and hardness that it can endure.  It is known that it is also resistant to mold and water and hence can be used for a lot of purposes.  Mainly it looks great and fabulous in large and small bathrooms giving it an elegant look.

    Indian Granite

    Granite stone in India has become the popular  in recent years.  Nevertheless, it is timeless practical and it is a luxurious look.  It is of a different quality than the all-time stones that are trending on the market.  Accordingly, there are also some myths regarding granite.  By the same token, some people suggest that it cannot be used in the bathroom.  But that’s wrong. People should understand that this is a type of myth.  Nevertheless to say the truth if you want a stone marble then there are several types of marble available in the market.  But there are several reasons available to make granite is the best marble suitable for bathroom purposes.

    Is Granite Good For Bathrooms?

    The sole purpose of which graphite is used as the best material for bathroom is in its nature it is durable.  Nevertheless, it is suited for housewives also.  It is less scratchy in nature and is stain-resistant.  Accordingly, it is easy to wipe it also.  This means one can easily clean it without any hesitation or problem.  By the same token, it is the best material for a busy environment like a washroom or bathroom.  Therefore it is no surprise in today’s world that graphite bathroom has become very popular in nature.  We can almost see them in everyone’s bathroom.  It is available in many types and there are also in numerous granite price.



    granite flooring bathroom

    Benefits of Granite in the Bathroom

    Granite is resistant to water

    You can observe that trapped moisture in any kind of marble or stones can lead to rotten walls and many other problems in the future.  Nevertheless, this is where granite plays its role.  Granite is altogether waterproof in nature.  This means the water vapour in the air the splashes of water in the bath of the thing coming out of the shower will not cause any damage to the granite present in the bathroom.  Granite tiles are made in such a way that water cannot see between the tiles present in the bathroom.  Therefore the fact stands that choosing a material that is waterproof in nature is the easiest way to choose the material required for your bathroom.  This will not only keep your bathroom fresh and clean throughout the year but also it will prevent extensive damage to your belongings.

    Granite bathroom tiles and slabs are available

    Well speaking from a practical point of view when you are thinking of a stone bathroom lots of thoughts have been wandering in your mind.  Nevertheless, you want all types of options available.  Accordingly granite is a natural stone which is quarried and cut into various shapes and sizes and thicknesses before they are shipped into another country. By the same token, it includes theme tiles which are used for making bath surroundings, and also there are thick tiles at slabs that are used for making floor tops tabletops etc.

    Granite Is Durable In Nature

    Granite is a natural stone that is very durable in nature.  It is among the toughest natural materials on the earth present.  It is very difficult and hard to damage it.  It is very difficult to stain it also.  It is even known to resist hair dyes and fake tan also.  Nevertheless, it is quite impossible to break the granite tiles also.  You cannot damage Granite walk the wall so which makes it ideal for making and living life for a rough and tough family!  Also, you can Discover what you can do with the granite bathroom while visiting our stores in in Rajasthan

    Granite are quite easy to clean

    As a matter of fact, granite is nonporous in nature.  Accordingly, dirty water, smells, soaps, and bacteria are not absorbed by the granite itself.  By the same token, they are just seen above the surface of the granite.  This means the surface of the granite is quite hygienic in nature and very easy to clean without any problem.  Many people find it an easier way to wipe down the surface of the Grand granite with a mild cleaner available in the market or with a soapy cloth or water

    Well, it is very important to note that granite is quite slippery in nature when it is made by wet.  Accordingly, this is due to the fact that it is water-resistant in nature and does not permit water to sweep beyond the surface.  So it is important fact to take granite flooring in the house when you have a small kid.

    Granite Lasts Forever

    Granite has a property of lasting for decades and decades.   It is used for making high buildings and also in high traffic areas like floors and courtyards.  Also, studies had been confirmed that granite for flooring has been known to last for decades.   You may have not any idea that your house will stay for decades or not but we can guarantee you that their granite bathroom will stay for decades and decades.  If granite flooring or bathroom is taken proper care of, wipe at least two to three times a week it does not weather away or get damaged in sunlight.  Maintaining all these factors mentioned will make granite flooring look like this was on the day of the installation.

    How To Choose The Right Granite For Your Bathroom

    Now a question comes in the mind of the readers how to choose the correct granite for your bathroom. here we have listed some steps which you should follow to get the appropriate granite for your everlasting bathroom.

    granite in bathrooms

    The nature of the granite:-  as you are all aware that granite exists in different forms and in different shades.  It ranges from Green black white red yellow and from many other colors.  The not only difference in colors but also differs in the type of surface pattern.  It is a thing to exists in form of strikes waves and patches and many other designs.  This not only gives the everlasting look but also enhances the beauty of the floor on which you stay in.  As a matter of fact, since this granite occurs naturally a more pattern cannot be the same.  There is always a sense of non-uniformity in the form of color shapes and sizes available in the market.  Nevertheless, it is a good stone that’ from a natural look in the bathroom.

    Confusion regarding the thicker granite tiles : There is a myth regarding the thickness and the heaviness of the granite tiles.  Never ever choose granite this way.  Accordingly never let the extra thickness and heaviness of the granite discourage you from buying it for your bathroom.  Nevertheless, install the heaviest granite available in the store as according to science it is the best one and the everlasting and durable one for your bathroom.  The one that is available in the market, the engineer one may be less weight.  But that is not the correct one. Buy the natural one for durability and long-lasting performance.

    Use of grout should be avoided: Often you have found in a number of bathrooms where people use grout are the decorative item in the bathroom iron with ceramic tiles.  Accordingly, it does not work well with the granite tiles.  You should strictly avoid it.  As a matter of fact, it stands as a hindrance to bring out the natural beauty of the granite install it in the bathroom.  The grout used with the granite make it impossible  to give it the desired look we wanted.

    Use of large and small granite tiles: This part is well suggested by many desirous that large granite tiles should be used for the bathroom floor took the floor more spacious in look.  Small and tiny ones should be used for the walls as it is not heavier in structure and also can be installed by the laborer easily.

    Myth regarding spilling of liquid on granite countertop: When we are using it in the bathroom a lot of liquid items ranging from liquid soaps to toothpaste and makeup remover can fall on the graphite surface.  Nevertheless, it is a common issue.  As a natural property of granite, it is quite good at the resisting stain and is semi-porous in nature.  How to work with the process of ceiling one can make the graphite surface completely nonporous in nature and it will be the good resistance to stains and scratches.

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