Some Interesting Benefits of Using Marble for Your Kitchen

Some Interesting Benefits of Using Marble for Your Kitchen

When it comes to interior design, sometimes you want decorative surfaces made from durable materials. Marble tops choice for interior designers to decorate your home. Due to its natural aesthetics, stone has become so attractive and alluring that homeowners are going gaga over it.

Marble is a beautiful natural stone, obtained from the earth’s crust. Limestone undergoes a process of metamorphosis to form this material. The color variation depends on the mineral content and impurities present in it. Along with a large variety of colors, it also has distinctive patterns and textures. The surface is covered with distinct vein patterns which enhance the beauty of the rock.

When it comes to interior designing, the kitchen is often overlooked; however, you need to know that the kitchen is an important aspect of your home. Equal attention needs to be given to this. You can experiment with marble for kitchens because it is so popular, it comes in attractive countertops, flooring options, wall decorations, tabletops and backsplashes.

5 Benefits of Using Marble for the Kitchen

  • It’s Specialty
  • Affordability
  • Durability or Tolerance
  • Heat Resistance
  • Maintenance

These qualities briefly discussed below –


The kitchen counter is a great place to start with incorporating marble.The subtle beauty of this stone adds timeless elegance to your space. It comes in a wide range of colors like white, black, green, beige, brown and so on. It exudes elegance and worldliness with a natural veined pattern that makes your kitchen look appealing. White Carrara is the most popular type and the best marble for kitchen aesthetics which has been used in designing since ancient times. There are other popular types as well which make it equally attractive.


The material looks surprisingly expensive, but may cost less than other natural stones. The cost usually varies depending on the type and thickness. Not many people know that it is less expensive than granite or quartz. The price also depends on the vendors, so you can always buy from the one who sells marble at a reasonable price.

Durability or Tolerance

This stone has high durability and longevity. It is incredibly strong and has been used as a building material for centuries. The softness makes it possible to incorporate attractive design elements such as curved edges, finishes and textures. Because of its natural strength, stone lasts longer than other materials. Look out the world’s largest marble monuments that have stood strong for centuries and you can see the permanence for yourself.

Some Interesting Benefits of Using Marble for Your Kitchen

Heat Resistance

Marble is heat resistant. You can count on the stone to stay calm and strong against heatwaves. Despite its ability to withstand high temperatures, you don’t want to place a piping hot pot directly on it. Always use a pot holder to avoid spoiling the marble. During the summer, this material will keep your home cool, making it a great choice for tropical locations.


Marble is vulnerable to staining and etching. Sealing the surface upon installation is very essential to help prevent damage. It also requires daily cleaning and dusting. If you accidentally leave food on it, wipe it off quickly before it turns into a stain.

Marble is vulnerable to acidic liquids such as fruit juices, citric acid, vinegar and even water stains.

There are many types of marbles found in the whole world and some are found in India.

Types of marble in the world are –


Some Interesting Benefits of Using Marble for Your Kitchen

It is excavated from Italy and is one of the most popular types in the world. You can pair it with wooden furniture and a matching backsplash. This setting gives you a modern rustic look to your kitchen. Prices of Carrara marbles in India 150sq.ft to 250sq.ft.

Nero Marquina

Some Interesting Benefits of Using Marble for Your Kitchen

It is extensively quarried in Spain and is in demand globally. It is a deep black stone covered with pure white veins, ideal for black and white kitchens. Prices of Nero Marquina marbles in India Rs 300 / sq.ft.

Emperor Dark 

Some Interesting Benefits of Using Marble for Your Kitchen


It is an attractive marble from Spain with a beautiful texture of dark brown color. It consists of a variety of dark, dark brown and gray, depending on the location of the mine. The surface is covered with dark and white veins which highlight the beauty of the stone. Prices of Emperor Dark marbles in India Rs 200/ sq.ft.

Pietra gray

Some Interesting Benefits of Using Marble for Your Kitchen

It is a calcite gray stone with fine white stripes which imparts elegance and fits perfectly in the contemporary environment. Prices of Emperor Dark marbles in India Rs 325 / sq.ft.


Blue jeans 

Some Interesting Benefits of Using Marble for Your Kitchen

The stone is also known as Azul Orientale. The gray colored surface is covered with blue and white veins which gives an attractive look to your kitchen. Prices of blue jeans marble in india Rs 200.00/square feet/

Crema Marfil

Some Interesting Benefits of Using Marble for Your Kitchen

It originated in Spain, marble ranges from beige to yellow and is much more neutral than regular white. Unlike the dark colored cabinetry, it looks beautiful and bright to create a sophisticated and warm atmosphere. Prices of Crema Marfil marble in india Rs 220/square feet/

Famous Indian Marble are – There are more than 3000 types of stones in India. Rajasthan is the major producer of stones with Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh as the major producers in the country. Some of the world famous varieties of Indian fired marbles are listed:-

Makrana Marble: – The most popular marble mined in the country along with Kumhari, Dungri and many other sub varieties. The prices of Makrana marbles in India varies according to their varieties i.e. 35sq.ft to 700sq.ft.

Some Interesting Benefits of Using Marble for Your Kitchen

Andhi Marble:-  This type of marble is produced in the area near Jaipur district of Rajasthan. This variety is also known as Indo-Italian marble. Its prices started in India from 35sq.ft.

Some Interesting Benefits of Using Marble for Your Kitchen

Rajnagar Marble:- It is the most commonly produced marble in India, concentrated in the nearby towns of Kinshangarh in Rajasthan, with sub-varieties such as agaria, dolomitic and quartz. Its price range started from 50 to 60 per sq.ft.

Some Interesting Benefits of Using Marble for Your Kitchen

Katni Marbles:- Famous Indian variety which is an alternative to Italian marbles. There are many Katni marble suppliers in the country. In market it is found in various  prices started from 40 sq.ft.

Some Interesting Benefits of Using Marble for Your Kitchen

Other varieties like Amba Ji Marble and Baroda Green Marble are also widely used in the country and also exported.

These days’ interior designers are mixing and matching countertops materials. With so many benefits, countertops make a luxury style statement for your home. Installing this material is a great idea if you want to elevate the look of the kitchen with elegance. This is a versatile and relatively common option, which makes it quite affordable.

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