The Growing Popularity of Makrana Marble around the World

The Growing Popularity of Makrana Marble around the World

With the passage of time different new range of Marble and Granite are coming in the market. Which are known to beautify your home, office or commercial plot with a completely new look. There are many genuine and genuine service providers or suppliers available in the market with which you can get the best deals within an affordable price.

Before you buy any such product, it is important to do a detailed study about Makrana marble cost and buy from suitable sources accordingly.

makrana marble price

An Overview of Makrana Marble –

  • Makrana marble is a type of white marble, popularly use in monuments buildings etc.
  • Makrana Marbles are available in tiles and slabs.
  • These are long lasting and highly durable in nature.
  • In India, Rajasthan is the largest producer of Makrana marble.
  • White marble is extensively used in building construction and decoration.
  • It is also called Milky white marble.

Marble is a worldwide material-

The marble industry is growing in this part of the world and some amazing new range of services or solutions are coming up which are proving to be effective in the best of ways. All types of items are available at affordable price range from some of the best and reputed marble suppliers, some of the suppliers are known to trade marbles in other parts of the world as well.

Main uses of Makrana Marble-

The Makrana Marble is the best quality of marble in this world. It is world’s oldest and best quality marble. It does not require any chemical reinforcement. This is practically attested by the buildings and many temples, mosques, churches and monuments in India over the years. This marble looks white in color, gray and panther brown.

In Temples- India, which is called the land of diversity, has different culture and colors, one of the white marble used in places of worship is impossible as it creates peace at all places of worship. Pure white marble is used in many temples with well carving and polishing. Some of these are – Lotus temple in Delhi, Gurdwara Bangla Sahib, Shri Jagannath Temple in Delhi, Dilwara Jain Temple in Rajasthan, Birla Temple Hyderabad, Golden Temple, Amritsar etc.

In Mosques – There are many monuments and mosques build with Makrana Marble. There are two of the most iconic monuments of India “Taj Mahal” as well as “Victoria Memorial” are made of White Makrana Marble.

In Churches – Makrana marble is also used in built of churches also. In India and the whole world many there are many destination church found with pure Makrana white marble.

Makrana marbles are widely used in flooring to give natural look to your designing projects. Makrana marbles are made of calcite stone. It is also available at a pocket-friendly price that adds beauty to your home.

Due to the increasing popularity of the marble industry in this part of the world, many customers across the globe are buying a wide range of marbles from Indian suppliers.

Types of Makrana Marbles-

Marble flooring gives an attractive and natural look to your home. It has long lasting shine and durability. Makrana Marbles are available in the following types which are used according to their color and pattern.

  • White Makrana Marble
  • Brown Dungri marble
  • Dungri Marble
  • Kumari Marble
  • Alberta Marble
  • Brown Alberta Marble

Pure white Marble:  Pure white marble which is used in temples, mosques, churches and monuments in India.  this is one of most expensixe Oldest and  finest quality of marble in makana marble range.  This is commonly used in floors, living areas,  bathrooms and art and handicraft items.

Makrana White Marble Tiles

Brown Dungri Marble:  This is natural marble which is white in colour. Brown Dungri Marble is the type of Makrana Marble which is easy to install. This stone is commonly used in floors, living areas, kitchens, bathrooms and more.

makrana marble price1

Dungri Marble:  Dungri marble is known for its hardness and lustrous appearance. It enhances the beauty of your home and makes it more bright and beautiful. Dungri marble is also used for exterior construction and handicrafts.

makrana dungri marble price

Kumari Marble: This marble is used to give flawless finishing to your home interior and exterior designs. This stone is famous all over the world due to its remarkable features. Its color and luster are long lasting and durable in nature.

makrana Kumari marble price

Alberta Marble: This is a premium quality marble. This stone has long lasting life and is one of the finest marble from Makrana varieties. This stone does not require any chemical reinforcement. It gives a beautiful and stylish look to the floor and wall area of your home.

makrana Brown Alberta marble price   

Brown Alberta Marble: This marble is used because of its superb surface finishing and good optimum strength. It has scratch resistant nature. It features smooth finishing and finely polished. This stone has a milky white color with a grayish pattern on it.

makrana Alberta marble price

 Online demand of White Marble- The tastes and needs of every individual are changing with time. There are many reputed and popular online marble suppliers who are coming up with such a wide new range of marbles. The best part about the online platform is that it allows you to select and compare various Makrana marble cost in simple and effective ways. CraftiBazaar is a largest online platform of every type of marbles, granite, Tiles, Stone and Marble Handicraft etc.

Makrana marble cost is quite competitive and there is some exciting new range of marbles available. The best marble designs and styles can elevate your home or space to a whole new level. To get the best quality marbles to give your home a new look or theme, select from the widest new range of marbles from some of the best material, which are the best in all possible ways.

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