Italian Statuario Marble


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• Imported Marble
• Striking viens
• Preferred for exterior Flooring and wall cladding
• Easy installation & maintenance
• Not chemically treated
• long-lasting shine and durability

• Thickness of tiles 16 – 17 mm, Thickness can be customized
• Slab Size: 6′ x 4′ and above feet
• Unpolished Surface


Italian Statuario marble is a more typical stone. Italian Statuario Marble is considered to be one of the major white stones. Italian Statuario Marble features heavy, bold gray veining mixed with thin patterns. The mountain mines of Statuario are located above Carrara. Statuario has limited availability and high demand. It is an expensive stone. This makes it one of the more expensive and more sought-after marbles.

Italian Statuario Marble is the best marble in the world. It is one of the most revered stones in the world. Italian Statuario marble has been used by architects and designers for many projects. Statuario marble is a superior marble because of its purity, durability, and white color. It gives a very beautiful look to the interior of the house. Statuario marble is a perfect stone for flooring, kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. Craftibazaar offers Italian Statuario Marble in the form of slabs and tiles of different thickness sizes.

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