Makrana Chak Dungri Marble


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• Natural Indian Marble
• Smooth, Polished and honed surface
• Crack free and polished surface
• Resistive to heat and water
• Unique design pattern
• Preferred for exterior Flooring and wall cladding
• Easy installation & maintenance

• Indian Makrana Marble
• Slab Thickness 15 to 18 mm, Thickness can be customised
• Slab Size: 5′ x 3′ and above
• Unpolished Surface


Makrana Chak Dungri marble is a type of Makrana marble. This is a beautiful white base marble It is famous for its whiteness, durability and luster. This is an Indian marble stone This marble stone contains about 98% calcite which makes it durable.
Chak Dungri marble is popular for interior and exterior flooring. People also use this marble for wall cladding, stair casings, vanity sink tops and fireplaces. It is also preferred for kitchen countertops, tabletops and other marble furniture applications. This marble is also preferred for monuments and sculptures. Dungri Marble is available for sale in the form of slabs and tiles of various thickness and sizes. craftibazaar is the largest Marble Exporter, Manufacturer and Supplier for all types of Makrana Marble.

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